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FET Labs has a variety of certifications to meet the needs of our clients.  Each certification requires we provide specific testing to assure the product meets or exceeds the parameters of each test.  We research each individual certification and use the appropriate testing.  If you need a product tested please give us a call.  If you need a certification that is not listed please let us know.

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)

– The Texas Department of Insurance requires certain products meet certain codes in order for them to be used in construction.  For example some TDI codes require products be tested for wind storm ratings.  FET can offer these types of tests for your products so you can provide products for projects that require TDI approval.

Miami Dade

– Miami Dade testing involves coastal testing to make sure a product meets or exceed specific wind ratings as well as impact ratings.  These types of approvals are helping the coastal area build stronger, more stable structures that can withstand the harsh coastal climate that the Miami are experiences including hurricanes.  FET can offer Miami Dade testing for your metal roof panels so you can offer Miami Dade approved products.

Florida Product Approval

– According to the Florida Building Code the following is why products must be tested and approved for Florida construction:

“Accountability; a higher standard of practice for product evaluations; and uniformity and consistency of enforcement statewide. Evaluations of products covered by the Commission’s rule can only be conducted by nationally accredited and state approved entities or by state licensed engineers and architects.  These entities must meet national standards for independence from the manufacturers whose products they evaluate. Manufacturers of covered products must also maintain third party monitored quality assurance programs to verify continued compliance of approved products.”

FET (Farabaugh Engineering and Testing) has achieved the above certifications and is licensed to conduct the appropriate testing for products to be classified with Florida Product Approval.

International Accreditation Services (IAS)

“The International Accreditation Service (IAS) provides objective evidence that an organization operates at the highest level of ethical, legal and technical standards.”

FET ia an IAS accredited inspection agency under the IAS ISO/IEC 17020 program. FET provides third party auditing services through the IAS for AC-472, AC-473 and AC-478.   Our IAS Accreditation number is AA-715.  These audit services are for the construction – metal building industry.  AC-472 is the quality auditing system for pre-engineered metal building manufacturers.   The IAS AC-472 audit replaced the AISC audit program for quality.  If a metal building manufacturer wishes to achieve their certification they must participate in two audits a year to show proof of their quality control program.

In addition to the AC-472 audit program, FET also provides auditing services for AC-473.  AC-473 audit program is for component manufactures such as metal roofing companies and/or insulated wall panels to name a few.  The AC-473 program is very similar to AC-472 in that it is based on quality of the manufacturing process and company procedures.  The last of the 3 IAS auditing services FET provides is AC-478.  This auditing program is for the erection or construction of the metal building.  It too follows the quality control for the company doing the erection of the metal building.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)

FET (Farabaugh Engineering and Testing) has achieved the above accreditation to conduct the appropriate testing for AAMA specifications. Product include a variety of building products with a main focus on fenestration products. These can be tested in a laboratory/ field testing.

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